Quite simply, hypnobirthing is silly name for a very logical course that will offer you a complete birth education.  From conception into parenthood, hypnobirthing offers expectant parents the tools and knowledge you need to approach this life changing event with confidence.

Every parent should have the opportunity to prepare for a positive birth experience.  However, society and popular culture have conditioned us to fear birth.  We are bombarded with unrealistic and hyper-dramatised portrayals of birthing scenarios everywhere we look on TV, in the media and via well meaning passers by in the street who may stop you to offload their birth story.  With hypnobirthing you will let go of these negative associations, which effect your conscious and subconscious mind.  Instead, you and your birth partner will learn important components of hypnobirthing including its philosophy, the physiology of a mother’s birthing body and will practice deep relaxation techniques to remain calm, confident and in control, however your baby arrives.

You and your birth partner are the best people to make decisions for you and your baby.  You are already doing an incredible job.  The pregnant and birthing body is amazing and so are you.