The Birth Thing is a complete birth education course that offers expectant parents tools for a calm and comfortable birth.

I teach the yesmum® birth project syllabus, designed by renowned hypnobirthing practitioner, Hollie de Cruz.

It is an extremely detailed, but thoroughly modern hypnobirthing course, made up of lots of little things that all work together to equip parents to be with the knowledge to make confident, informed decisions through every step of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

By signing up to my course, you will be in the best position to prepare for a positive birth experience; because knowledge is power.

We will cover:

  • The philosophy of hypnobirthing (which absolutely does NOT involve swinging pendulums or clucking like chickens)

  • The physiology of birth (the science bit; how our bodies are designed to birth our babies)

  • The importance of connecting both mind and body

  • How to fear birth less and be fearless (because fear dramatically affects our birthing body)

  • The practice of deep relaxation and tools to use during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond

Included in all The Birth Thing courses:

  • Your Baby, Your Birth book by Hollie de Cruz

  • 3 x MP3s (1 x Affirmation MP3, 1 x Relaxation MP3, 1 x labour companion MP3)

  • Printed course companion

  • Invitation to join WhatsApp group for post course support from myself and your course friends

  • Access to the yesmum®️ birth project Facebook Student Hub where you can ask questions, read other student’s birth stories and remain supported throughout your birthing journey

  • Ongoing, personal support from myself following the course via email, WhatsApp or phone.


An ideal time to attend a course is around 20 weeks pregnant, but you are welcome to join at any time - you can never ‘over prepare’ for birth - Its a full birth education so I have even taught couples pre conception! If you are later on in your pregnancy I am more than happy to discuss how I can support you, please contact me to chat through your options.

If you live further afield or might find an in-person course difficult to attend, please contact me so we can find a hypnobirthing solution that works for you.



You will receive a pack of yesmum® TO BE positive affirmation cards (RRP £12.95) for courses booked between now and May 2019