Been there, done that, got the t-shirt?!

If you've had a baby (or more) before, and perhaps had a difficult or traumatic birth experience, it doesn't mean you can't have an amazing, empowering, healing birth this time around.

Or perhaps you did a Hypnobirthing course previously and want to top up your knowledge or try a fresh perspective.

I teach PRIVATE refresher courses and I LOVE THEM. It's an opportunity to dig deep into your personal previous experience, release fears, share evidence based information and support you to work with your caregivers (and not against them) to make choices that feel right for you and your baby this time around.

It's a version of the yesmum birth project totally tailored to you. No topic is off topic.  Inductions, VBAC, breech birth, homebirth, hospital birth, abdominal birth, multiple birth, fast labours, slow labours, pregnancy after loss - whatever you want to discuss, we can cover it, in a private & safe space held just for you.

Courses are 4 hours, held either at my house in Tunbridge Wells or via video conference at a time to fit around you and your family life. I usually split them into two sessions as it gives chance to digest and implement learning between sessions, but I am totally flexible. .

Investment is just £150 in total for you and your birth partner (if they wish to attend) and includes all the course materials.

This is your chance to prepare for your positive birth experience in the most personalised way. Get in touch if you'd like to hear more, I'd love to support you. 

Included in The Birth Thing refresher course:

  • Your Baby, Your Birth book by Hollie de Cruz

  • 3 x MP3s (1 x Affirmation MP3, 1 x Relaxation MP3, 1 x labour companion MP3)

  • Printed course companion

  • Access to the yesmum®️ birth project Facebook Student Hub where you can ask questions, read other student’s birth stories and remain supported throughout your birthing journey

  • Ongoing, personal support from myself following the course via email, WhatsApp or phone, for as long as you need me.