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the birth of joshua

I received this incredible birth story from first time parents Danielle & Adrian following the birth of their son, Joshua. I feel so honoured they chose me as their Hypnobirthing teacher, and that the knowledge they learnt helped them to have a truly magical experience of birth.

Thank you for your message yesterday. I have been meaning to text you all week with some very exciting news and the biggest, hugest thank you to you for your teachings and support. You are one truly awesome teacher and person! We did it!!!

Adrian and I mastered hypnobirthing during a 41 hours labour with no pain relief just pure hypnobirthing and focus (plus a catheter!!) My labour properly started at home at around 6am last Saturday and we spent the day eating, relaxing and watching our fav programmes and films whilst breathing through the contractions. By the evening I was 5cm dilated and got in the pool whilst watching Friends which is where I stayed until sunrise. I refused an examination but by 10:30am on Sunday I was sure I was much further along. When I agreed for the midwife to examine me my waters “properly” broke and I had meconium in my waters so we went to hospital.

By then I was more focused and with the help of the midwives and Adrian who put up affirmations on the wall for me, it meant every medical professional who came in the room knew I was practicing hypnobirthing (which they respected). A while later I still couldn’t pass urine so they fitted a catheter and I lost a lot of urine which was stopping Bean from moving downwards and/or possibly damaging my bladder. From then on I continued birthing through sheer determination and the practices you taught us. By 23:28 after about 2 hours of intense labour Joshua came into our lives.

He is so amazing in every way. I did skin to skin immediately and started trying breastfeeding (continued releasing oxytocin like you suggested) whilst I passed my placenta (which just “slipped out”) and was stitched up after a couple of tears (probably not as easy!!). 

The entire experience was phenomenal and so thank you for all your support, guidance and advice you have given me and Adrian. I hope we can stay in touch and if I can help to advocate your teachings etc in any way, please do ask. I’m certainly telling my friends!! Thank you again.

P.s also to answer your other question last Friday, after reading the docs you sent me (thanks for those) it reinforced my gut instinct and I decided against the sweep. I started experiencing symptoms of labour much later that day anyhow!