The thing about birth is that no two births are the same.

The thing about birth is that everyone will have an opinion, but only your opinion matters.

The thing about birth is that you can approach it with confidence, excitement and free of fear.

The thing about birth is that birth is birth. However you welcome your baby into the world.

The thing about birth is that it shouldn’t even be a ‘thing’.

The Birth Thing.

Empowered by the yesmum® birth project

A modern hypnobirthing course for a calm and confident birth.

Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas

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Hi, I’m Katy Baker DipHB (KGH), a certified KGHypnobirthing teacher and the yesmum® birth project affiliate teacher based in Tunbridge Wells


the birth thing course

Hypnobirthing is a complete birth education course that does not involve clucking like chickens, chanting or swinging pendulums!

The Birth Thing hypnobirthing course offers expectant parents the tools for a calm and confident birth, however your baby arrives into the world.

I teach the yesmum® birth project syllabus, designed by renowned hypnobirthing practitioner, Hollie de Cruz.

I offer group, private and refresher courses.